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Who Can Seek Treatment at a Recovery Center?

While getting help for your addiction should be your number one priority, there are several things that you should be mindful, including finding the right treatment center for you. The programs offered at most facilities are co-gender; however, some drug rehab programs are gender-specific and will provide services that are…

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Will Cigna Cover the Cost of Rehab?

When someone is ready to step up and admit they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, it’s important for them to know they have easy access to treatment. In Massachusetts, there’s a disproportionate number of high-quality addiction treatment centers for a prospective patient to choose from. Of course, quality…

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What Are the Biggest Things You Learn in Addiction Treatment?

Most people understand that the goal of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehab is complete recovery. Even with prior coaching, clients still worry about all that is involved in a successful treatment program. Time spent in recovery has the ultimate aim of learning to adjust to a life free…

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When Intensive Outpatient Treatment For Addiction Is A Better Option

Intensive outpatient treatment is a structured treatment program for addiction. Bridging the gap between inpatient treatment and traditional outpatient plans, intensive treatment provides more stability while allowing patients to continue to live at home. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) can help patients who don’t have the resources or time to…

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Are There Different Types of Addiction Rehab Options?

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse issues, don’t lose hope. Even if one or two methods for ending addiction have been unsuccessful, there are many other viable options available. The key is to continue to work to attain and maintain sobriety. Thousands of people find…

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How Do You Know If You Need Drug Rehab?

It’s no secret that drug addiction has become the scourge of the country. In 2018, 115 people died every day as a result of drug overdose. Many of the opioid addictions that led to these overdoses began innocently enough, with prescriptions written by doctors for legitimate medical issues. What began…

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