We all know that addiction is a family disease that affects not only the person using drugs and alcohol but also everyone involved. The aftermath of a loved ones using can cause financial insecurity, turmoil, loss of trust, and emotional/physical harm in the household. Reconnecting the family together as a whole is a very important part of this process which takes a lot of hard work done by both parties. A key ingredient to the success of recovery is when everyone inflicted by the tornado of addiction gets healthy and can learn to manage healthy boundaries and communication with their loved ones. Our goal at our weekly family and loved ones support meeting is to educate and assist each suffering family through crisis situations when they have nowhere to turn.

What is the difference between enabling and supporting?
The difference between enabling and supporting can be a tricky but fine line. It can also be the difference between keeping the addiction thriving or helping to raise our loved ones “bottom” up to speed up the process in which they seek treatment. As a recovered addict myself I always went after the people that loved me the most. I knew that I could manipulate my family in every way if I pulled on their heart strings. This kept my family and I sick for a very long time. It wasn’t until my family attended weekly family support groups to receive education on how to make using as uncomfortable as possible for me, did we all get slowly but surely start to get better.

Where do I go for help?
While your loved ones are actively using or are receiving treatment, we highly encourage everyone who is struggling to put the pieces back together to attend our weekly Family and Loved Ones Support Meeting held on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30 P.M. This meeting is open to the public and free of charge. The highly experienced team at Woburn Wellness extends this invitation to you so you can start the journey of healing and learn a multitude of different treatment options available to have on hand when a crisis situation arises.

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