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Will I Have Individual Drug Counseling Sessions When I Go to Rehab in Massachusetts?

individual drug counseling in massachusetts

Addiction affects every part of a person. It impacts their physical and mental health, strains their relationships, can cause serious legal and financial difficulties, and can make it almost impossible to live a fulfilling, healthy life.

Many people believe that addiction treatment ends after a complete detox from drugs or alcohol. This simply isn’t the case. Because addiction is a whole-self disease, treatment must include care for all parts of a person–body, mind, spirit, and community. Real, lifelong recovery from addiction takes time, commitment, and lots of learning.

People in recovery from addiction must learn how to find meaning in their life after addiction and must find ways to avoid relapse. They must learn new coping skills to help them manage stress and avoid the triggers that could derail their sobriety.

Much of the self-examination and learning required during addiction recovery happens during group therapy sessions. However, one-on-one counseling sessions are also important. These private sessions between you and your therapist allow for close monitoring of your progress and adjustments to your treatment plan. In most addiction treatment programs in Massachusetts, individual drug counseling sessions are used as part of an evidence-based plan.

If you or someone you love requires addiction treatment, you are not alone. Effective treatment and ongoing support can help people overcome addiction and go on to lead the healthy lives they choose. The more you know about addiction treatment, the better able you’ll be to make choices about your care.

What is Substance Abuse Counseling?

In many ways, substance abuse counseling is similar to other types of individual counseling. A trained, qualified counselor works with a patient in a private, one-on-one setting to explore feelings, identify issues, set goals, and learn new skills. The difference between substance abuse counseling and other kinds of therapy is that substance abuse counseling focuses heavily on issues related to addiction and recovery.

While each substance abuse counselor has their own way of working, the goals of individual drug counseling generally include:

  • Forming rapport
  • Creating a non-judgmental place to explore feelings
  • Identifying sources of trauma
  • Practicing communication skills
  • Learning stress management tools
  • Identifying and learning to avoid environmental, social, and situational triggers

Much of the work in substance abuse counseling sessions is related to healing trauma, managing stress, and identifying potential triggers. These skills allow people to return to their lives with less risk of relapsing.

What Happens During Individual Drug Counseling Sessions?

During many addiction treatment programs, people have one to two individual counseling sessions per week. In the beginning, some of the time during sessions will be spent developing rapport between the counselor and client. The client and counselor must have a good relationship so the client feels safe to share personal details of their lives and emotions.

Counseling sessions will take place in a private space and information shared by the client will be kept confidential. During a counseling session, the client and counselor may work together to set goals and work towards them by learning and practicing skills. The counselor may assign “homework” such as journaling.

There are many approaches that substance abuse counselors may use as part of a treatment plan. One of the most commonly used counseling techniques is called Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In this form of counseling, the therapist helps the client identify and change thoughts and beliefs that can lead to a relapse or other harmful behaviors. The client works to change the patterns that interfere with the goal of lifelong sobriety.

Having a non-judgmental space to share their experiences, changing old habits and patterns, and learning new skills can be very effective in avoiding relapse. The benefits of one-on-one counseling can last a lifetime.

Individual therapy sessions also give therapists insight into a patient’s unique needs, beliefs, and goals in recovery. This insight helps the therapist create a custom-tailored treatment plan for the patient.

individual drug counseling

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How to Find Individual Drug Counseling in Massachusetts

Many people start participating in one-on-one counseling during an addiction treatment program. Since addiction is never “cured,” people must find a way to stay engaged and active in their recovery. Substance abuse counseling should be part of an effective aftercare program.

If you need individual drug counseling in Massachusetts, there are several ways to find a qualified substance abuse counselor. They include:

  • Contacting a local substance abuse treatment facility to ask for a referral
  • Reaching out to your health insurance provider for resources
  • Getting a referral from your doctor or other medical professional
  • Asking for a recommendation at a local 12-step or substance abuse support group
  • Enrolling in a drug and alcohol rehab program

The process of finding a substance abuse counselor doesn’t need to be overwhelming. For information about substance abuse treatment or individual drug counseling in Massachusetts, reach out to the staff at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment today.

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