Our Approach

Our Approach

Our individualized approach focuses on creating a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment offers a person-centered program that fully recognizes and adheres to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s (SAMHSA) newly established definition that recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

We lead individuals down a comprehensive addiction recovery path that includes a Day Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Program and an Outpatient Program. Our medical and clinical directors guide individuals through a multi-dimensional assessment to determine which drug and alcohol treatment plan works best.

Our clinical assessment is predicated on the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) placement criteria, the most widely used and comprehensive set of guidelines for placement, continued stay and transfer/discharge of patients with addiction and co-occurring conditions. 

ASAM’s criteria uses six dimensions to create a holistic, biopsychosocial assessment of an individual to be used for planning and treatment across all levels of care. The six dimensions are:

  1. Acute Intoxication/Withdrawal Potential (history of substance use)
  2. Biomedical Conditions (physical illness)
  3. Emotional, Behavioral, or Cognitive Conditions and Complications (mental health issues)
  4. Readiness to Change (readiness, open minded, spiritual connection)
  5. Relapse, Continued Use, or Continued Problem Potential (relapse potential)
  6. Recovery Living Environment (environmental circumstances).

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We know that overcoming addiction is not easy and requires courage to ask for help. At Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment, our team of professionals has decades of combined experience in helping men, women, and families overcome substance abuse.