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Malden, MA Alcohol IOP Near Me

Malden, MA Alcohol IOP Near Me

If you or a loved one reside near Malden, MA and suffer from alcoholism, our alcohol rehab IOP can help with a science-based approach.

How Bad is Alcoholism and Can Malden, MA Alcohol Rehab Hep?

Alcoholism has long-since been one of the most severe public health threats that Americans face annually. This chronic brain disease affects men and women of all ages and in all demographics – alcoholism does not discriminate, though several risk factors make certain people more susceptible. For example, genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and the presence of any underlying mental illnesses might make a person more prone to the development of a diagnosable alcohol abuse disorder.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 25.8 percent of Americans over the age of 18 admitted to engaging in binge drinking at least once over the past month in 2019. Over 14.5 million American adults over the age of 12 were reported to have a diagnosable alcohol abuse disorder. This is a very serious and widespread issue. With the help of Malden, MA alcohol IOP, the issue can be solved with a high success rate!

There is Good News if You Suffer from Alcholism

The good news is that recovery is always possible. When it comes to the effective treatment of alcoholism, there are many available options. The type of treatment that you choose will depend heavily on your personal needs and clinical requirements. For example, if you are suffering from a severe and potentially life-threatening alcohol abuse disorder, you will undeniably benefit from an inpatient treatment program – if your alcohol abuse disorder has not yet progressed and has not yet resulted in a wide range of consequences, an intensive outpatient program might be the best option. If you live in Massachusetts or any surrounding area, you might be wondering, “Where can I find a Malden, MA alcohol IOP near me?” Look no further than Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment.

Malden, MA Alcohol IOP Near Me
Malden, MA Alcohol IOP Near Me

Malden, MA Alcohol IOP Rehab Programs Near Me

At Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment, we offer one of the most comprehensive and effective alcohol IOP programs in Malden, MA. Our program offers the same level of clinical care that one might find in an inpatient alcohol rehab but provides clients with a much higher level of personal freedom.

Alcohol IOP is an ideal option for someone who has recently been discharged from inpatient alcohol rehab and is looking for a continuation of care, or for someone who is living in Malden, MA, and has been struggling with a mild or moderate alcohol use disorder. IOP stands for intensive outpatient which means that multiple group and individual therapy sessions for alcoholism are done per week but you can continue living your daily life and going to work, school, or living at home.

Clinical Services for Alcohol IOP near Malden, MA

Some of the clinical services that we provide as part of our alcohol IOP near Malden, MA include: 

  • Individual therapy sessions, in which each client meets with a licensed therapist to discuss issues that are unique to them personally 
  • Group therapy sessions that thoroughly cover a wide range of addiction and recovery-related topics like the Disease Model of Addiction and the physical and psychological consequences of drug and alcohol use 
  • Relapse prevention training, which focuses on helping clients identify their relapse triggers and work through them by utilizing coping mechanisms that they learn in individual and group sessions 
  • Life skills training, which helps clients develop the skills they will need to succeed once IOP ends, including vocational training, education placement, and communication skills
  • A level of accountability that encourages clients to maintain sobriety and which includes regular drug testing that takes place at the IOP facility 
  • 12-step program education and involvement and transportation to and from outside AA and/or NA meetings 

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment and Alcoholism Recovery

At Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment, we offer a wide range of recovery-related services as part of our individualized alcohol intensive outpatient treatment program. If you have been wondering, “Where can I find an effective and flexible Malden, MA alcohol IOP near me,” we are available to help. Our admissions process is quick and easy, and most of the finer details can be smoothed out during the initial phone call. As soon as you decide to commit to a life of alcohol recovery, pick up the phone and give us a call. We will begin by sorting out coverage and finding a date for your intake. To learn more or to begin your journey of alcohol addiction healing, call us today and we will point you in the direction of Malden, MA alcohol outpatient programs near me.

Effective alcohol rehab such as evening IOP is available to men and women of all ages in Woburn, MA and all surrounding areas. If you or someone you love has been suffering at the hands of an alcohol use disorder of any severity, reach out to Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment today. 

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