Being addicted to alcohol is something I was predisposed too. My father drank, and my grandfather before him had an addiction problem also. When it came time to get treatment, I didn’t know where to turn. I am a native of Ohio, but I wanted to go somewhere to recover that would keep people out of my business. For me, recovery is a very private thing, and it was easier to let people think I was on holiday or an extended work assignment. If you need help with drug or alcohol addiction, then I highly recommend you check out the recovery centers in Boston. There are many advantages to going to such a beautiful city to recover.

Boston is Booming with History

I love Boston because of the history of the city. If you choose an outpatient-based therapy, then you can get out and see the sights as often as you like. Inpatient therapy can give you plenty of options too. If you love architecture and learning about the past, then the Freedom Trail is something you should experience while you are there. Rehab centers are not all about sitting in a hospital setting and detoxing. The extended programs offer many field trips and things to get you out and involved with others in recovery.

There Are an Abundance of Hospitals and Medical Colleges

Aside from historical significance, the city has some of the best medical care around. There are hospitals and rehab centers located throughout Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, and Quincy. You can choose the part of the city that most appeals to you. Let’s not forget that they have some of the most recognized medical colleges in the country. These rehabilitation centers have firsthand knowledge of new and exciting treatments due to affiliations with the local hospitals and universities. I felt safe knowing that I was trusting my life with experts who were on the cusp of new and great things in alcohol treatment.

The City if Full of Comradery

Another thing I loved about doing my rehab in Boston is the comradery that exists there. The people are genuine, and they truly care about you. I know the people in my home town are great, but here things are so much different. These folks felt like they wanted me to make it. I felt like my support system was massive, and I always had someone to talk too.

They design their rehabilitation programs with the comfort and needs of individuals like me and you in mind. I was away from my family, but they became family. I made connections there that I keep in contact with. These people saw me at my worst and helped me to fight to get my life back. We will always be bonded in some way. Plus, who doesn’t love the gorgeous Boston accent?

There Are Four Seasons to Enjoy

I went into rehab during the winter. Winter is always a sad time for me anyway due to my seasonal affective disorder. I found a dual diagnosis center that could help me with both issues. It was also a good time to take off work and get better. If you are a weather buff and don’t have all the seasons where you live, then you will enjoy the fact that Boston has red and yellow leaves in the autumn and plenty of snow in the winter.

Picking the Best Facility in The Boston Metro Area

Deciding the facility that could help me best took some investigative work. I wanted to make sure before I made such a trip that I was picking the right center. I did a ton of research, made sure my insurance would cover the place I selected, and I knew I made the right choice. A few phone calls to the admissions department, and I had things set up for my trip.

My family accompanied me on my journey, and they left me to do the recovery process. I spend 60 days drying out, learning how to change my destiny, and discovering why I became an addict in the first place. I found I am not a wrong person; I just have a disease. It’s no different than having diabetes or high blood pressure. We can have genetic links, or it can be something that we do to self-medicate.

I will always look on my days in Boston and remember that it was the place and people that helped me put my life back together. I was a business professional with a drinking problem. I didn’t want everyone in my personal life, and I needed to go away and get better. Massachusetts was the place that made it happen.

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