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How Can a Drug and Alcohol Interventionist Help My Addicted Loved One?

how can a drug and alcohol interventionist help my addicted loved one

If someone you love struggles with substance abuse or addiction, it’s likely you understand the worry, frustration, and sadness that can go along with this condition. Addictions can rob people of their mental and physical health, lead to financial and legal troubles, and make it nearly impossible to have healthy relationships.

Addiction doesn’t just affect the lives of the addict–it also impacts their friends, family, and community. It is hard to watch as someone you love struggles with substance abuse and experiences the consequences of it. Fortunately, a drug and alcohol interventionist can help your addicted loved one.

No one chooses their addiction or wants to cause their loved ones to worry. People in the grips of addiction may not be able to make good choices or even recognize how serious their problem has become until they completely lose control.

Friends and family members can offer help and support when they realize that a person is losing control of their substance use. If you love someone who is living with addiction, you do not have to manage this situation alone. Effective addiction treatment programs are available.

But how do you convince a loved one to go to rehab? The subject of addiction can be very difficult to bring up and emotions can flare during these conversations. Many people consider holding an intervention. The goal of an intervention is to convince the addict to start addiction treatment. It can be a very effective tool–but it can also be difficult to navigate. For this reason, many people choose to hire a professional drug and alcohol interventionist to help them plan their intervention.

What Happens During an Addiction Intervention?

The goal of an intervention is to get the addicted person to agree to get treatment. Staging an intervention requires a lot of planning and preparation. Generally, this includes:

  • Choosing a time: It is important to have adequate time, and you should choose a time of day when your loved one is less likely to be under the influence.
  • Finding a location: You want enough space for everyone to be comfortable and have adequate privacy.
  • Selecting who will be there: Interventions are usually more successful if the group consists only of close friends and family. Anyone who is struggling with addiction themselves should not be present.
  • Finding resources: Look for local treatment programs that you can offer to your addicted loved one.
  • Deciding who will speak: Choose who will speak, when, and in what order.
  • Practicing the intervention: If possible, run through the entire intervention ahead of time to ensure everyone knows when they should speak.

Because the subject of addiction can be so emotionally-charged, it can be helpful to hire a professional interventionist who can guide you and your family through the process from start to finish and keep the focus where it needs to be: on getting your loved one the help they need.

How Can an Intervention Specialist Help?

Hiring a drug and alcohol interventionist can increase the likelihood that the intervention will be successful. Interventionists are people with special training and education in addiction and counseling who can help plan and carry out a successful intervention.

Some of the benefits of hiring an addiction intervention specialist include:

  • Support for the entire family
  • Education and experience with addiction and interventions
  • Assistance in finding appropriate treatment options
  • A neutral person who can help keep emotions steady
  • Someone who can identify if the intervention is off track
  • Support and advice on next steps if the intervention isn’t successful

The process of planning and holding an intervention can be emotional, difficult, and overwhelming. Hiring a professional interventionist gives you and your family the tools and support you need to help your loved one.

Your interventionist will work with you and your family from beginning to end as you plan your intervention. You do not have to guess or stress–your interventionist will offer their expertise and care every step of the way.

How to Choose a Drug and Alcohol Interventionist in Massachusetts

When choosing an interventionist, it is important that you feel comfortable with their personality and experience. After all, they will be joining you on an important day and making an impact on the life of your loved one.

In some cases, your doctor may be able to give you a referral for reputable intervention support. You can also contact a local treatment program and ask for advice.

Before hiring an interventionist:

  • Get references
  • Ask about what specific services they offer
  • Ensure they will be with you from start to finish
  • Ask what intervention model they use
  • Ask to see proof of their credentials
  • Inquire about the number of interventions they have managed
how can a drug and alcohol interventionist help my addicted loved one cta

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Above everything else, find a reputable drug and alcohol interventionist who listens to you and takes your concerns seriously. Their guidance and support will be crucial in getting your loved one the help they need to overcome their addiction.

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