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Where Can I Get A Professional Substance Abuse Evaluation?

where can i get a substance abuse evaluation

Drug and alcohol addiction can keep you from living the life you want to live. Caring, comprehensive substance abuse treatment can give you the support you need to put addiction behind you and move forward into a healthy future. Since no two people have the same experience with addiction and recovery, it’s essential to get treatment tailored to help you reach your unique goals.

Before beginning an addiction treatment program, you must get a substance abuse evaluation. This essential step toward recovery means your treatment team can provide better, more personalized treatment. The better your treatment, the better the outcome–and the more likely you’ll be to have a lifelong recovery from addiction.

If you or someone you love require a substance abuse assessment, reach out to the Woburn Addiction Treatment specialists today to get started.

What is the Goal of a Substance Abuse Evaluation?

The ultimate goal of a substance abuse evaluation is to assess your treatment needs and guide the course of your treatment plan. The substance abuse assessment includes several parts that can help your treatment team understand your addiction and recommend therapies to address its physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects.

Generally, a substance abuse assessment involves:

  • Determining the severity of your substance abuse and dependence
  • Identifying aspects of psychological and physical dependence
  • Identifying co-occurring disorders and potential complications
  • Recommending a level of care or type of treatment
  • Verifying insurance plan details

Having a substance abuse assessment before starting treatment is critically important. Without taking this vital step, it will be very difficult to address your specific needs, avoid common setbacks, and find the right type of treatment. The information gathered in your evaluation is used throughout your treatment plan to make sure your treatments are tailored to your needs.

What Happens During a Substance Abuse Assessment ?

Before starting treatment, a doctor or addiction specialist will perform a substance abuse evaluation to guide your recovery journey.

There are many providers and practitioners who can perform this type of assessment, but it is crucial to choose one who specializes in providing substance abuse care. An addiction specialist can connect you with the programs and professionals who will support your recovery. Many people decide to seek a substance abuse assessment in an addiction treatment facility so they can transition seamlessly into a tailored substance abuse treatment program.

A substance abuse evaluation consists of the following:

  • Questions about your substance use–what substances you used, the frequency and amount you used, and withdrawal symptoms
  • Your medical and mental health history, including prior treatment programs, medications, therapies, and medical procedures
  • An assessment of your readiness to change
  • An evaluation of your relapse risk
  • Questions about your environment–how it may impact your recovery
  • Verification of your insurance coverage and benefits–this can help you understand your out-of-pocket costs for treatment or help you make informed decisions about your care

The first step of a substance abuse evaluation is often to assess a person’s acute withdrawal risk to determine if medically-supported detox is necessary. This is a critical aspect of the assessment because it allows people to get the support and treatment they need during withdrawal. Without participating in a drug and alcohol detox program, many people relapse before experiencing a complete detox.

It is essential to be honest during your substance abuse evaluation so that your treatment team can recommend the level of care and type of treatment to meet your needs. If appropriate, your doctor may recommend specialized care, such as gender-specific or dual-diagnosis treatment. Your team may also begin mapping out an aftercare plan to help support long-term sobriety after rehab.

Do I Need a Substance Abuse Assessment?

Living with substance abuse and addiction can make life very difficult. It can lead to life-altering legal and financial trouble, severe health issues, relationship strain, and can threaten your immediate health and safety. Getting a substance abuse evaluation is the right first step if you believe you need treatment for addiction.

But recognizing you need help can be difficult. It’s important to understand some of the common signs of substance abuse and addiction. These include:

  • Developing tolerance–needing more of the substance to get the same effect
  • Spending a lot of time and energy getting, using, and recovering from the substance
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you don’t use the substance
  • Isolating, neglecting relationships and hobbies, or losing interest in things you enjoyed
  • Falling behind in your responsibilities at home, work, or school
  • Wanting to stop using drugs or alcohol but feeling like you can’t
  • Engaging in risky behaviors when using drugs or alcohol
  • Facing legal or financial trouble because of your substance use
  • Becoming sick or injured as a result of your substance use
  • Continuing to use drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences
If you or a loved one needs help, getting an evaluation is crucial to set you on the path to recovery.
substance abuse evaluation

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