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About Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is a state licensed and accredited organization committed to promoting, maintaining, and restoring the dignity, well-being and mental health of those with substance use disorders and their families in the Boston area.

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Providing Quality Care, Compassion, and Clinical Excellence in Massachusetts Addiction Treatment

Massachusetts Addiction Treatment Center
The Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission showcases that our rehab complies with the highest national safety and quality of care standards. This accreditation symbolizes our unwavering commitment to providing results, value, and comprehensive treatment in Massachusetts. Our LegitScript certification showcases that we adhere to industry standards and operate transparently and in compliance with all laws and regulations.
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Our Story

By combining the power of science, compassion, and invaluable insight gained from personal experience, Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment was born. Founded by a group of committed and passionate individuals who’ve had first-hand encounters with the devastating consequences of addiction, the team came together with the goal of wanting to provide the highest quality of care to individuals and families affected by the disease. The founding members were inspired to join forces to bring together the most clinically effective, evidence-based, and trauma-informed addiction treatment services in the Boston recovery community with the belief that the best way to care for an individual is to care about them.

Our Philosophy

At Woburn Wellness we are firmly grounded in the philosophy that life choices and the skills to influence those choices can break the cycle of addiction and return people to a life of purpose. Our experienced staff have years of professional training with substance use disorders and will walk hand in hand with each client to guide each individual to their highest potential.
We see the highest chance for success when one participates and is fully engaged with their treatment plan. We do encourage abstinence based treatment but we believe that recovery is a process and no-one should be denied treatment or a solution due to circumstances surrounding the persons avenue of recovery.

Our Mission

The team at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is devoted to assisting people in leading a recovery-based lifestyle by incorporating a holistic and trauma-informed approach to drug and alcohol treatment in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to deliver the highest quality addiction treatment services possible. The individualized drug and alcohol treatment plan we create focuses on alleviating the medical, emotional and behavioral distress that results from the use of alcohol or other drugs.
Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is dedicated to guiding individuals through a seamless transition from an acute level of care to our Day Program or Intensive Outpatient Program to a life of recovery. From the moment you make the call to get help, we’ll be here with a plan for a therapeutic and person-centered experience to end the relapse cycle. Call the admissions team at our addiction treatment center near Reading, MA, or inquire online to begin the journey of recovery now.

What Sets Us Apart

Not sure what sets Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment apart from other Greater Boston addiction services? Our drug treatment center near Boston, MA, offers a truly immersive recovery experience that incorporates the 12 steps, physical wellness, individualized care and more. Most importantly, we maintain a client to staff ratio that allows for a high level of individualized and personal attention. Whether it’s a group therapy session, yoga class, a visit with a therapy dog or appointment with one of our clinical professionals, every facet of our addiction treatment program is centered around finding the balance necessary for lifelong recovery success. The successful completion rate at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is nearly twice the national average, indicating that we have the knowledge, experience, and passion necessary to guide individuals through a comprehensive psychoeducational course of treatment that works.
Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment providers are licensed, clinical treatment professionals committed to compassionate, cutting-edge, evidence-based practice shared in a vibrant exchange between client and clinician. At Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment, no one is a passive recipient of our expertise. Our clinical team highly values the experiences of loved ones as well, incorporating family sessions as part of the individual’s treatment.

The program completion rate at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is 150% above the national average.

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Above anything else, what truly sets Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment apart from other rehabs is our people.

Our highly-trained, multidisciplinary care team of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction specialists, clinical social workers and counselors come with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and education to provide expert care for our patients.

Through a collaborative approach to treatment, our specialists match the needs of each individual with the appropriate therapeutic intervention. We are passionate about the work we do and strive to provide outstanding care, compassion, and support to our clients—all healthcare professionals at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment are licensed and credentialed in their respective disciplines.

Meet the team

Woburn Wellness is licensed in the state of Massachusetts by the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services and offers clinically managed holistic intensive treatment programs that focus on helping you and your loved ones experience sustainable health and recovery.

Our premier treatment center in Massachusetts offers a wide range of services designed to provide comprehensive and individualized treatment for each patient. We believe in taking a fully-integrated approach to treating clients to help them transition from clinically-managed recovery to a fully self-managed recovery.

Our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals collaborates to comprehensively evaluate each patient’s needs and create an individualized treatment plan. These plans include evidence-based treatment models, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, physical therapies, family counseling, relapse prevention strategies, 12-step support groups, medication management services, and holistic treatments. We also provide education about the science of addiction to empower our clients in their recovery journey.

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At Woburn Wellness, we place each client at the center of our care while offering support to family and friends who may be affected by their loved ones’ addiction.

As one of the North Shores’ most committed alcohol and drug addiction day treatment centers, we understand that addiction impacts more than just the person who suffers from maladaptive use. We hope to bridge the gap between acute treatment and a return to normal daily life. Our goal is to help each client sustain and maintain a life of accomplishment and well-being.

We treat individuals struggling to recover from alcoholism, drug addiction, and/or co-occurring disorders. The clinical team at Woburn Wellness will meet with each client and come up with an individualized treatment plan that works best for that person upon intake.

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Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is committed to diversity and inclusion in all our endeavors. We service individuals and families around the country affected by substance use and mental health disorders.

We fully understand that addiction does not only affect the person using substances but also engulfs the family and loved ones as a whole. At Woburn Wellness, we offer family support and resources and encourage loved ones to attend our weekly family support meetings held by the co-founder of the program and our team members.

Anyone who wants to better their lives, gain and maintain a higher level of spirituality, or simply challenge themselves to find a new sense of peace and direction will benefit immensely from our programs. We work with clients from all backgrounds and are committed to helping them reach their full potential.

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Our Approach

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment offers a person-centered program that fully recognizes and adheres to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s (SAMHSA) newly established definition that recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

Our medical and clinical team guides individuals through a comprehensive multi-dimensional assessment to determine which drug and alcohol treatment plan works best. Our clinical assessment is predicated on the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) placement criteria, the most widely used and comprehensive set of guidelines for placement, continued stay, and transfer/discharge of patients with addiction and co-occurring conditions.

ASAM’s criteria use six dimensions to create a holistic, biopsychosocial assessment of an individual to be used for planning and treatment across all levels of care. The six dimensions are:

Acute Intoxication and/or Withdrawal Potential
Biomedical Conditions and Complications
Emotional, Behavioral or Cognitive Conditions and Complications
Readiness to Change
Relapse, Continued Use or Continued Problem Potential
Recovery and Living Environment