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Find Mental Health Treatment Massachusetts

Finding mental health treatment in Massachusetts can be a challenging and overwhelming process, especially for those who are struggling with mental illness. Woburn Addiction Treatment provides a range of mental health services for adults and families with varying psychiatric diagnoses and symptoms. Our mental health and substance use disorder services are offered at different levels of intensity in a variety of treatment settings in Massachusetts.

mental health treatment massachusetts

What is Mental Health Treatment?

Mental health treatment refers to the various methods and approaches used to address mental health disorders and improve psychological well-being. In Massachusetts, treatment is available through both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs at specialized mental health facilities, each designed to meet a range of needs. Mental health programs include:

  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Standard Outpatient Program
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Mental health treatment is a comprehensive and individualized process designed to address the unique challenges and needs of each person seeking help. It aims not only to alleviate symptoms but also to enhance an individual’s ability to function and improve their quality of life.

Treatment typically includes different types of psychotherapy with trained specialists. Psychiatric medications like antidepressants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers may also be incorporated to help manage symptoms.

How Are Addiction and Mental Health Conditions Related? 

To understand the connection between addiction and mental health conditions, we need to start by distinguishing between the two.

Mental Health Disorders

Conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and eating disorders. These disorders are defined by alterations in an individual’s thinking, emotional regulation, or behavior, indicating a deviation or dysfunction in psychological, biological, or developmental processes.


Medically referred to as substance use disorder, is characterized by a pattern of symptoms that arise from substance use despite its detrimental consequences.
Addiction is fundamentally a mental condition deeply rooted in the ways it alters brain function and behavior. While not all mental health disorders include elements of addiction, addiction itself is always considered a mental health disorder. An individual might be diagnosed with either a mental health disorder or an addictive disorder independently, yet there is a significant likelihood for these conditions to coexist.

What is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

A co-occurring disorder, also known as a dual diagnosis, refers to the simultaneous presence of a mental health condition and a substance use disorder. Experiencing a co occurring disorder can be particularly challenging, as the interplay between the two conditions often intensifies the difficulties associated with each, making them feel more burdensome and complex to manage.

Identifying which condition appeared first can be challenging in people with co-occurring disorders. However, it is crucial to simultaneously address both conditions with the help of qualified addiction and mental health professionals to enhance the chances of successful recovery.

Mental Health Treatment Massachusetts

Find Your Path to Lasting Recovery​

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is a inpatient drug rehab Massachusetts state-licensed rehab center and leader in addiction treatment with proven success in facilitating long-term recovery. Our team of top medical experts provides individualized, integrated substance use and mental health care that maximizes clinical care and education. Call us – we’re available 24/day, 7 days/week.

Mental Health Massachusetts: Why You Should Seek Mental Health Services Now.

Waiting too long to get help for mental health issues can be risky. Over time, if these behavioral health issues aren’t treated, they can worsen and lead to more serious issues like substance abuse or self-harm.

Seeking assistance now can also improve overall treatment outcomes and increase the chances of long-term recovery. For information on resources and treatment options available in Massachusetts, call (781) 463-5226.

Find Mental Health Treatment in Massachusetts

Woburn Addiction Treatment

Our Massachusetts substance abuse and behavioral health treatment center offers comprehensive care services and mental health resources for individuals and families struggling with mental disorders in the community.

Network of Care Massachusetts

The Network of Care Massachusetts includes comprehensive information and resources in a directory that is searchable by keyword and zip code and aims to help Massachusetts residents find information on behavioral health services and community resources.

Massachusetts Behavioral Health Access (MABHA)

MABHA serves as a centralized online portal where healthcare providers (clinics, hospitals, primary care physician’s office), individuals, and families seeking treatment can find and access available mental health resources available in the state.

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH)

DMH is a state agency in Massachusetts responsible for overseeing and providing mental health resources for individuals and family members across the state.

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To start healing from mental illness, call our recovery centers at (781) 463-5226. Our center accepts most health insurance providers. Simply fill out our insurance verification form for a free benefits check, and a knowledgeable admissions coordinator from our rehab will be in touch. If you do not have insurance, we are here to assist you in exploring the available options for you or your loved one.


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