Know that Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment in here to provide substance use treatment near Burlington, MA, that will help you or a loved one get through difficult recovery moments. But not everyone knows the exact definition of substance use disorder. Some people may wonder, “is substance use disorder the same as addiction?” We can walk you through what a substance disorder diagnosis means and determine which drug treatment program we offer best fits an individual’s particular situation.

Substance Use Disorder
and the DSM-5

What is substance use disorder? The DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) combined “substance abuse” and “substance dependence” diagnoses into a singular category: substance use disorder. The official substance use disorder definition is summarized as: If your substance use causes significant problems in your life, such as health issues, disability, and or not meeting your responsibilities at work, home, or school, you may have a substance use disorder.

The diagnosis of substance use disorder is determined based on how many criteria an individual has met within a 12-month period[CH1] . The criteria for substance use disorder in the DSM-5 include:

  • Hazardous use
  • Social/interpersonal problems related to use
  • Neglected major roles to use
  • Legal problems
  • Withdrawal
  • Tolerance
  • Used larger amounts/longer
  • Repeated attempts to quit/control use
  • Much time spent using
  • Physical/psychological problems related to use
  • Activities given up to use

Treatment for substance use disorder is within reach. Contact Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment to discuss IOP near Burlington, MA, and our other substance abuse programs that can help with the recovery process.

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