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Find Alcohol Detox, Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab, and Addiction Treatment Centers in Dedham, MA

If you’re looking to help yourself or someone you love struggling with addiction in Dedham, Massachusetts, our programs offer personalized and comprehensive treatment services and therapy that equip individuals with the tools to achieve lasting healing from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center – Dedham, Massachusetts

Find Alcohol Detox, Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab, and Addiction Treatment Centers in Dedham, MA

Dedham, MA, alcohol and drug rehab centers play a vital role in assisting men and women who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. MA treatment centers provide practical resources that assist most people dependent on drugs. They aim to foster hope and cultivate healthy coping skills that focus on ending substance abuse for good.

Alcohol and Drug Detoxification in Dedham, MA

Detoxification is often the first step of the recovery journey. During detoxification treatments, individuals at rehabs in Dedham, MA, have access to medical and psychological care as they undergo the process of withdrawal and the symptoms that may occur during this time.

Often, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is incorporated during detoxification to treat substance use disorders. Medication-assisted treatment in Dedham, MA, can also be used during dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Inpatient Treatment at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center – Dedham, Massachusetts

Inpatient treatment is the highest level of care for addiction provided at rehabs near Dedham, Massachusetts. When staying at a residential treatment center for alcohol, drug abuse, or dual diagnosis treatment, individuals have access to 24-hour medical care and assistance.

Each inpatient treatment at a rehab center in Massachusetts (MA) is unique in its offerings. Generally, inpatient treatment at an MA drug recovery center offers services, including individual therapy and group therapy.

For more information on Dedham drug and alcohol treatment centers and our MA recovery programs for substance abuse, call (781) 484-0195.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers in Dedham, MA

Outpatient rehab is a form of treatment that allows individuals to receive therapy while living at home and maintaining many of their daily responsibilities. Unlike inpatient or residential rehab, where patients reside in a facility for the duration of their care, outpatient rehab at a treatment center in Dedham, MA, provides flexibility and is ideal for individuals who need to maintain their regular life and family commitments while in treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

A partial hospitalization program (PHP), often referred to as day treatment, offers the highest level of outpatient care. Individuals in this setting typically attend treatment sessions 5 days a week lasting up to 8 hours per day, with a minimum requirement of 25 hours per week. This approach is suitable for those who need intensive treatment but are stable enough not to require round-the-clock supervision.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides an intermediate level of care, less intensive than a PHP, but with more structured treatment than standard outpatient programs. Individuals in an IOP usually attend sessions 3-5 times a week, lasting a few hours each. IOP is designed for individuals who seek a structured program but also want to maintain certain daily responsibilities in life.

Standard Outpatient Programs

A standard outpatient program (OP) is the least intensive form of outpatient rehab in Dedham, MA. Patients in this setting generally attend 1-2 sessions per week. This treatment format is ideal for those with milder forms of addiction or individuals seeking continued care after completing more intensive programs.

The type of outpatient rehab that is right for you will depend on various factors, including the specific addiction, the severity of the addiction, personal needs, daily responsibilities, and the availability of a supportive home environment. Many individuals transitioning from inpatient to outpatient care choose to live in sober living homes, although it’s not a requirement.

Find an Alcohol Detox, Alcohol Rehab, and Drug Addiction Treatment Center. fentanyl addiction treatment and withdrawal symptoms that require medication assisted treatment due to chemical dependency and typically life threatening impacts.

Get the Care You Need at a Drug Rehab in Dedham Massachusetts

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is a leader in the addiction treatment field, with proven success in facilitating long-term recovery. Our team of top clinical & medical experts specializes in treating addiction coupled with mental illness, ensuring that each person receives individualized care. Call us – we’re available 24/day, 7 days/week.

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Cost of Substance Use Treatment in Dedham, MA

The cost of substance abuse treatment at a rehab and detoxification facility near Dedham, MA, can vary based on the type of addiction treatment, location, and services provided. Factors like whether the rehab centers are in-network with your insurance, accept self-pay or government funding, and other relevant aspects can determine the cost of treatment. Assessing these factors is essential when considering how to pay for substance abuse treatment in Dedham, MA.

Our alcohol and drug rehab center in MA provides affordable care and accepts a wide range of public and private insurance plans, including providers such as United Healthcare, Aetna, BCBS, Unicare, UMR, Beacon, Harvard Pilgrim, and more.

To learn more about coverage and payment options for alcohol and drug treatment at drug rehabs in Dedham, MA, contact our admissions team by calling (781) 484-0195.


How to Find an Alcohol Detox, Alcohol Rehab, and Addiction Treatment Center in Dedham, MA

Finding a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Dedham, MA, can be a challenging process, especially when dealing with the challenges that come with addictions. You don’t have to spend hours browsing search engine results for a “drug and alcohol treatment program near me.”

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder in MA, our experienced team of doctors, therapists, and staff is here to assist in finding the right help. Reach out online or call (781) 484-0195 with any questions. Other resources to find help include:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a National Helpline and assistance on its website. Navigate to the “find help & treatment” section. You can search for more treatment centers, support groups, individual counseling sessions, recovery meetings, and other treatment options to help individuals stay sober in Dedham, MA.

Local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Agencies

Each state has its own agencies for drugs and alcohol that provide resources and services. Search online for the specific agency and more listings in Dedham, MA, as they can provide information on programs and services available locally.


Start Substance Abuse Treatment at a Dedham, Massachusetts (MA) Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Center

To start healing from substance use disorders, call our recovery center at (781) 622-9190. With the appropriate support, you or your loved one can navigate the challenges of drug abuse and recover from addiction. While detoxification is not part of the program offerings at our facility, we understand that it is often essential to one’s long-term recovery. If you or a loved one require services we do not offer, we will refer you to a trusted affiliate in MA.

Our recovery center near Dedham, MA, accepts most insurances, with the exception of Medicare/Medicaid. Simply fill out our insurance verification form for a free benefits check, and a knowledgeable admissions coordinator from our rehab in MA will be in touch. For those without insurance, we’re here to guide you in exploring options for you or your loved one. We aim to ensure that anyone in Dedham, MA, seeking treatment for substance use disorder can access the necessary help.

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