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Alcohol Rehab Center near Stoneham, MA

Saying no to alcohol

Alcohol Rehab Center near Stoneham, MA

It can be difficult to find the right rehab for alcohol addiction or navigate the alcohol detox process alone. If you’re looking for an addiction treatment center near Stoneham, MA, turn to Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed to help individuals achieve sobriety and build the life and recovery skills they need to succeed going forward.

Types of Rehab for Alcohol Use Disorder

  • Alcohol rehab inpatient options: Some people may choose to pursue an inpatient alcohol detox or rehab to fully focus on getting sober. With round-the-clock care and personalized support, inpatient alcohol treatment may be right for you. While Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment does not provide inpatient services, we can point you toward alcohol rehab inpatient centers nearby.
  • Outpatient alcohol treatment centers: We offer three levels of outpatient alcohol rehab programs to help people through every step of recovery. Most individuals start out in our Day Program before transitioning to our Greater Boston IOP for addiction treatment. From there, people move to our less intensive Outpatient Program, which focuses on life skills and continued success in alcohol addiction recovery.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment for alcohol detox: At Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment, we offer Medication Assisted Treatment, which means our nurse practitioners can prescribe medications such as Vivitrol (also known as Naltrexone) to help you through the alcohol detox process. These medications work by reducing a person’s urge to drink.

Is Alcohol Rehab Covered by Insurance?

Will insurance cover alcohol rehab? The team at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment can help you determine if your health insurance covers drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. We accept most insurance plans. And if you don’t have health insurance or the necessary coverage, we’ll work with you to create a payment plan for the alcohol detox and rehab program that fits your needs best.

Ready to Make a Change?

We know that overcoming addiction is not easy and requires courage to ask for help. At Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment, our team of professionals has decades of combined experience in helping men, women, and families overcome substance abuse.

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