Types of Alcohol Rehab Programs and Facilities

Before choosing an alcohol rehabilitation program, it is important to consider the different types of solutions that are most common. Some of the most prominent types of alcohol rehab include:
Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment Centers and Facilities (Short and Long-Term Solutions)

Not all rehabilitation solutions are ideal for anyone struggling with an addiction to alcohol. Consider the severity of your addiction and whether or not you are capable of abstaining from purchasing and consuming alcohol when left to your own devices. If you lack self-control when it comes to consuming alcohol, an inpatient rehabilitation program or an intensive outpatient solution is likely your best option. For individuals who have only just recently become dependent on using alcohol more frequently than just socially, outpatient programs and local support groups may be more suitable.

Determining the best alcohol rehab solution for you highly depends on the current severity of your addiction and whether or not you have struggled with extreme addictions throughout the entirety of your life. Most individuals who have struggled with consistent addictions are more prone to relapsing and giving into temptation when not monitored and guided using an inpatient rehab center or treatment facility.

Choosing an Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

Inpatient rehabilitation centers and treatment programs require individuals to complete 30, 60, or even 90 days of their program while living within the facility itself. Inpatient programs are ideal for those who have a serious health risk of quitting their addiction “cold turkey” and without medical guidance. Inpatient programs not only provide monitored detoxing, but also offer the assistance of both medical professionals and addiction counselors who specialize in alcoholism and treating it effectively.

Intensive Outpatient/Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient solutions and outpatient programs work for individuals who are currently employed or unable to move from their home or place of living. Intensive outpatient programs may require an individual to visit a medical facility for checkups while working together with both doctors and therapists who specialize in helping those with severe alcohol addictions.

Outpatient programs do not typically require individuals to live within a rehabilitation treatment center or facility. Instead, outpatient programs may require attendance to various meetings, checkups, and therapy sessions depending on the program you have selected and the type of assistance and support you are seeking.

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Support Groups and Group Counseling

Attending local support meetings and sponsor groups is another way to obtain the necessary mental and emotional support required to overcome a serious addiction to alcohol. Obtaining a sponsor is one way to stick to your goals without giving into temptation and indulging in bad and detrimental habits. Support groups are optimal for those who have not yet developed a physical addiction to alcohol but want additional emotional and mental support to stop overindulging. Support groups provide a safe space to communicate openly and honestly about the challenges and obstacles you face each day.

Connect with others who steer clear from alcohol to prevent falling back into bad habits. Share your story while listening to the stories of others who have experienced similar situations. Understanding the most common types of alcohol rehabs and treatment programs that are currently available is essential when you want to stop using alcohol altogether. With a complete understanding of various alcohol rehab solutions, select a treatment center or program that is right for you and the future lifestyle you envision for yourself. Are you ready to make a positive change in your life while eliminating your addiction to alcohol? Our counselors are available 24 hours a day.

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