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Stoneham MA IOP Centers Near Me

Stoneham MA IOP Centers Near Me

If you live in the Stoneham, MA area and suffer from substance abuse, we can help you find the best IOP near me so you can get sober and stay clean.

Find IOP Programs in Stoneham, MA

The state of Massachusetts has long since had one of the highest rates of substance abuse throughout the US. In 2016, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that roughly 955,000 residents of Massachusetts had admitted to using an illicit drug within the past month. Sadly, most men and women who live in Massachusetts know at least one person who has been struggling with a substance abuse disorder of some severity. Even though substance abuse is such a widespread and prevalent issue, the majority of men and women who struggle with addiction fail to seek the professional help they need. There are several reasons why those who are in desperate need of treatment fail to seek it. The most common reason is that they are unaware that there are other treatment options outside of long-term inpatient rehab such as Stoneham IOP programs near me. 

Why Choose an IOP Program near Stoneham, MA

If you need treatment but you cannot commit to a long-term program of recovery, there are other options available. For example, the intensive outpatient treatment also referred to as drug IOP in Stoneham, MA, provides an intensive level of care while offering more flexibility than traditional rehab. It makes sense that because active addiction is such an individualized disease, treatment methods should vary and should not be the same for every individual case. The treatment methods that work for one individual might not work as well for another, just as one progression of clinical care might be better suited for a certain individual than it is for another. If you have been looking into receiving professional treatment but you are not sure that committing to an inpatient treatment center is the right choice, Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is available to help. Are Stoneham, Massachusetts IOP Center servicemen, and women of all ages who are looking for an intensive outpatient program of recovery. 

Information on Stoneham, MA IOP Near Me

If you have recently completed a higher level of clinical care like medical detox or inpatient treatment or if you have decided that IOP is the best option for you, you might be wondering, “Where can I find a Stoneham, Massachusetts IOP center near me?” If you are currently looking for an IOP Center in Massachusetts or anywhere else on the east coast, look no further than Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment. Our IOP program is extremely comprehensive and focuses on helping clients develop the tools and skills they need to maintain sobriety for the remainder of their lives. 

Stoneham MA IOP Center Near Me

What Does Our Stoneham IOP Have to Offer?

Our program is ideal for those who are undergoing any one of the following circumstances:

  • Someone who is just completed an inpatient rehab program
  • Someone who cannot take an extended break from their career
  • Someone who is the sole caretaker of a dependent or a sick relative
  • Someone who is suffering from a mild substance abuse disorder and no underlying physical or psychological conditions

More About Stoneham, MA IOP Centers

At Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment we offer several levels of clinical care, including intensive outpatient treatment. Our outpatient treatment program includes several components, including:

  • Intensive individual, group, and family therapy
  • Workshops geared towards the development of crucial life skills
  • Relapse prevention training, which entails developing healthy coping mechanisms whenever a client runs into potential relapse triggers
  • Life skills training services, including resume building, job searching, educational placement, becoming financially independent, and budgeting
  • Thorough aftercare planning, which includes a continuation of individual therapy and psychiatric services
  • 12-step program immersion and education, which includes daily participation in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings

To learn more about our IOP program or to learn, “Where can I find a Stoneham, MA IOP center near me,” call us today. We look forward to speaking with you and getting you admitted to our IOP program at your earliest possible convenience.

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