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What is Group Therapy Like in Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts?

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What is Group Therapy like in Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts
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Group therapy is an important part of alcohol rehab programs in Massachusetts. Group sessions bring together like-minded individuals who can relate to one another about past, present, and future challenges.

While addiction is often referred to as a disease of isolation, connection is a crucial part of recovery. Group therapy sessions held during alcohol rehab provide a safe and supportive platform where you can begin making connections in recovery and healing from the effects of alcoholism.

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a type of counseling that involves one therapist and at least two or more patients. When it comes to alcohol treatment, groups are usually composed of the same group of individuals who grow close to one another as the therapy sessions continue. People who struggle with psychological disorders, as well as alcoholism, can benefit from group therapy sessions.

There are many different types of group therapy that may be used during alcohol rehab in Massachusetts. Some of the most popular are:

  • Psychoeducational groups – Focus on providing education and information surrounding the general ideas of substance abuse, mental health, compulsive behaviors, and the consequences of these bhaviors.
  • Skill development groups – Teach patients how to cope with triggers, manage financial responsibilities, communicate clearly, and cope with stress, anger, etc.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) groups – Help patients identify distorted beliefs and problematic behaviors while teaching them to combat negative thinking and make positive behavioral changes.
  • Interpersonal process groups – Focus on emotional development or unresolved childhood experiences that have led to poor decision-making or unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Regardless of the type of therapy used, group sessions typically follow a three-phase format:

  1. The beginning phase is when members in the group learn the rules, get to know other members of the group, and get acclimated to the therapy process.
  2. The middle phase consumes most of the therapy session where the group focuses on the primary topic at hand, individual members’ behaviors and emotions, and skill development.
  3. The final phase is when the group moves toward closure by acknowledging the progress made during the session and discussing what will happen during the next session.

What to Expect During a Group Therapy Session

Therapy groups are facilitated by a single therapist or substance abuse counselor who has training in group sessions. The therapist’s role is to open up the conversation, set and enforce guidelines for the session, and maintain a supportive, positive environment. While the therapist may ask questions, give feedback, or encourage participation, most of the sessions are driven by the conversation among group participants.

Therapy sessions usually last 1.5-2 hours. This ensures everyone has time to participate in the session, and that topics are covered in their entirety, without overwhelming or exhausting group members. During inpatient or PHP, group therapy sessions are held on a daily basis. However, in outpatient settings, groups may only be held 1-2 times per week.

Topics Covered During Group Therapy in Alcohol Rehab

One advantage of group therapy is that it covers a wide variety of topics. Oftentimes, the topics discussed during groups come up naturally as you, your group, and your therapist dive into the session. Some topics that may be covered during group therapy in alcohol rehab in Massachusetts include:

  • Drinking habits
  • Relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Trauma
  • Mental health
  • Stress management
  • Impulse control
  • Anger management
  • Codependency
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-care
  • Short-term goals
  • Long-term goals
  • Life skills
  • Money management

Benefits of Group Therapy in Alcohol Treatment

Group therapy is a core aspect of alcohol rehab in Massachusetts. It is an extremely effective way of promoting healthy relationships, motivation in recovery, and behavioral changes. The psychosocial aspect of group therapy allows you and your peers to open up with one another about your most painful struggles while providing one another with support.

A few benefits of group therapy in substance abuse treatment include:

  • Connect with other like-minded individuals who understand your struggles as well as your goals
  • Improve your communication skills to help you develop healthy relationships
  • Get feedback from other people with similar beliefs and backgrounds
  • Gain a variety of different perspectives from group members
  • Practice the coping and communication skills you learn in rehab with other individuals
  • Allows your therapist to see how you interact with others so they can better understand your treatment needs
  • Empower group members to use their voice in confident yet respectful ways
  • Educate group members about experiences in addiction and in recovery while the rest of the group acts as a sounding board
  • Learn and practice relapse prevention skills with other members

Group therapy sessions are most effective when the counselor maintains consideration of each patients’ unique treatment needs. When structure, safety, and support are maintained, groups can facilitate healing, connectivity, and improved self-esteem.

What is Group Therapy like in Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts

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Group therapy is a great way to build connections with other recovering individuals, develop healthy coping skills, and increase your motivation to stay sober. It is a preferred treatment approach when addressing alcoholism that is highly utilized at our alcohol rehab center in Woburn, Massachusetts.

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