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What Is It Like to Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Rehab?

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what is it like to get dual diagnosis treatment in rehab

There are more than 40 million people in this country that have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Shockingly, thirty percent of those individuals have an underlying mental illness that is fueling the fire. People don’t wake up and decide to be an addict one day. Instead, they have surgery and are prescribed painkillers, or they are trying to self-medicate to ease their inner agony. Those who have a mental illness that is the underlying cause for their addiction needs a dual diagnosis center to help.

Dual Diagnosis Centers Are Different

The first step is to realize that you or your loved one need help with your addiction. The second step is finding a facility that can treat you and your specific needs. Dual diagnosis centers were created for people who were suffering from more than just addiction. They take things a bit further in the investigative arena to ensure you are going to be a success story.

It’s senseless to treat the dependence when an underlying mental condition causes a guaranteed relapse. In mental health, you always treat the most prevalent symptom first. For a person suffering from anxiety, they may not be able to sleep, eat, or function without panic ruining their life. So getting the panic under control is the first step to also treating the addiction.

Rehabilitation centers are stationed across the country, but finding a center that specializes in mental health concerns is vital for your recovery. How do you know you have a mental health issue? Most people who self-medicate know all the reasons why they have drug-seeking behaviors. Genetics is an excellent indication of mental disturbances as are previous diagnoses.

Some individuals hear voices and find that a hit of cocaine helps these inner demons to be silenced. Others find that the pain from a horrible childhood gives them nightmares, but a few shots of whiskey before bed makes them sleep like a baby. Some medications are safe and can help to calm these inner storms, but the key is to get an accurate diagnosis. Treatment can be easier than you ever imagined.

Getting A Full Mental Evaluation

When you check into a dual diagnosis center, you will be given an evaluation by an expert. They will find the types of drugs that you consume, and they will work hard to find the underlying cause of your problems. They have a psychologist and other experts on staff that can quickly identify traits of mental illness, and they can put you on the right path for recovery. You can find counseling in most rehabilitation centers, but the focus on the mental health aspect is greater in these specialized facilities.

A combination of verbal and computerized testing may be given, depending on the needs and the center’s equipment. Once you have been given a diagnosis, then the real work begins. The goal is to get you off the illegal drugs and onto something to control the mental disturbances, and then you can start to heal. A dual diagnosis center is staffed with people who know how to help you. They understand your pain, and they will walk the journey with you. They don’t want you to go another day living the way you have been living. You don’t have to keep going down this path. Your future can be whatever you want it to be when you are drug-free.

what is it like to get dual diagnosis treatment in rehab cta

Get The Care You Need and Deserve

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment is a leader in the addiction treatment field, with proven success in facilitating long-term recovery. Our team of top clinical & medical experts specializes in treating addiction coupled with mental illness, ensuring that each person receives individualized care. Call us – we’re available 24/day, 7 days/week.

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Starting Over Again

Many are ashamed and shutter at the thought of having mental help. They think that having a mental health issue makes them weak. Consequently, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, and the plethora of other mental health concerns out there are no different than having heart disease or a fatty liver.

When you have a mental illness, your brain doesn’t think, feel, or react appropriately. When the chemicals are out of balance, it causes things to malfunction. Balancing these chemicals can change your life. Living with co-morbid mental illness can be a deadly combination.

Are you ready to start the next chapter in your life? Do you want to leave the drugs and all the trouble that goes with them behind? You can take care of the underlying mental conditions that hold you down. One of our expert counselors can help you to find a center that specializes in your needs. Today is the day. You will take control and start the journey to live again.

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