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Who Do I Talk to About Help for Drug Abuse?

who do i talk to about help for drug abuse

Sometimes, people who fall into drug abuse habits find that their habits have turned into problems. People in these situations know that they need help, though they may not know exactly who to talk to in the pursuit of attaining it. It can be quite overwhelming to find oneself in a tough situation and not know who to seek out help from.

Finding someone to reach out to for help with substance abuse is not as difficult as it seems. You can reach out to your friends, relatives, healthcare professionals, mental health professionals, people working for your school or organization, self-help groups, hotlines, and the internet.

Friends And Family

Your friends and/or family members may be the best people to talk to when it comes to seeking out help for drug abuse. Of course, some people may be in situations where admitting to having a drug problem may ruin their relationships and perhaps even compromise their living arrangements. This is why it may not be the best or most pleasant idea to talk about one’s substance abuse problems with friends and/or family. It is yours responsibility to assess your situation, and to consider whether your friends and/or family members will still treat you in a respectful, civil manner. If talking about your drug problems or admitting to having drug problems won’t cause problems, your family and friends may be very helpful. Your friends and family may be able to advise you about what kind of help to seek out. They may provide you with moral support and be very comforting.

Healthcare Professionals

If you really feel that you have drug abuse problems, you can make your problems known to health professionals such as doctors and nurses. They may be able to refer you to professionals who will able to treat you and give you the services that you need.

You may want to reach out to a therapist for resources and services. If you attend a college or high school, you can seek out help by talking to teachers, nurses, school social workers and psychologists. Students are frequently encouraged to seek out help from school staff for tough social and emotional issues that come up in their lives.

Self-Help Groups

There are a number of self-help groups that have been formed for people who have substance abuse problems. These groups allow people with the same problems to congregate and to talk to each other about their substance abuse related experiences. There is a wealth of information that can be attained by listening to the experiences of other substance abusers, such as information about who to seek out help from.

who do i talk to about help for drug abuse cta

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There are a variety of hotlines that have been created for those who want to talk about their substance abuse problems and further seek out resources. Hotlines for other problems have also been created. These other issues tie into the problems of substance abuse and include self harm, self mutilation, suicidal thoughts, self esteem issues and eating disorders. To some extent, these hotlines may be of help to people with substance abuse issues.

The Internet

This is a pretty obvious option, yet it is still worth mentioning. If you need to talk to someone about where to get help for your drug abuse problems, the internet is your best friend. A quick search on the internet can provide you with lists of specialists, facilities, helpful pieces of advice and hotline numbers that all pertain to the topic of substance abuse.

These are the people that you can contact if you need information about help for a substance abuse problem. Hotlines, healthcare professionals, loved ones and the internet are all great to consult when it comes to looking up resources for your substance abuse issues. The key is to not to get overwhelmed and to remember that it is easy to find someone who can refer you to the proper resources—you just have to be patient.

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