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Why Does the Location of a Drug Rehab Center Matter?

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why drug rehab location matters

Making the decision to get professional help with a drug or alcohol problem is something to be proud of, but your journey toward recovery is just beginning. The next important decision you need to make is where you will go to rehab.

Choosing a drug rehab center can be challenging, especially if you’ve never had to look for addiction help before. In addition to looking at the cost of treatment, levels of care, treatment specialties, and amenities, it’s essential that you consider the location of the drug rehab center.

Location and environment matter a lot because they can influence your experience and your overall treatment outcome. Before choosing a rehab center, you should carefully consider your personal needs and the facility’s location.

The Importance of The Right Drug Rehab Location

Many addiction treatment centers offer the tools required to help people begin their recovery, but these tools aren’t the only thing that matters in recovery. Honesty and transparency are required on your part if you want to benefit from substance abuse treatment. In order for you to achieve healing, you must be able to get vulnerable during therapy. You must feel safe and supported at your rehab center so you can be honest, discuss your emotions, and share your true self.

However, it’s hard to open up and get vulnerable if you don’t feel safe, relaxed, and supported in your treatment environment.

An addiction treatment center that is located too close to where you used to buy, use, or sell drugs can be triggering and distract you from the healing process. At the same time, a rehab center that is located in the center of a large, busy city can feel hectic and crowded, preventing you from being able to truly relax during treatment.

One of the best things you can do for your recovery is to separate yourself from your old environment and place yourself in a relaxing, tranquil environment.

Advantages of Choosing a Drug Rehab Center Located Close to Home

Drug rehab centers that are located close to home can offer many benefits. For example, being close to home means being close to family, friends, and your support group. If you are married or have kids, choosing a rehab center located nearby may be the best choice for you. Or, if you were sober previously and already have an established support group nearby, staying local makes sense for you.

Local rehab centers can also help you find meetings and resources in your area that can support you after treatment. Many addiction treatment centers take clients to local meetings, so you can begin getting acclimated to your local recovery community.

Finally, choosing a drug rehab center with a location close to home can be more cost-effective than traveling for rehab. If you choose an out-of-state rehab, you must worry about the cost of travel, lodging, and more.

Benefits of Choosing a Drug Rehab Center that is Far Away

Choosing a drug rehab location that is close to home may not be for everyone. Local rehab can also mean being close to triggering people, places, or things that make it difficult to stay grounded in your treatment program. You’re also less likely to leave rehab early if you have distance between you and your old stomping grounds.

Many people choose to travel out of state for rehab because they want physical separation from triggering environments. A new, fresh setting can help you restart with a clean slate. If you are open to the idea of traveling for rehab, you may even have access to more treatment options than you would if you choose a rehab center closer to home.

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Rehab Centers Located in Safe Neighborhoods and Nurturing Environments

Whether you travel or rehab or stay close to home, the addiction treatment center you choose should be located in a safe neighborhood. It should also feel like a nurturing environment.

High-crime areas or unsafe neighborhoods tend to have higher rates of substance abuse and addiction. These areas may also be noisier and riskier when it comes to personal safety. If you don’t feel physically safe during rehab, you won’t feel emotionally safe, either. Be sure to scope out the neighborhood or even talk to locals to make sure that the rehab center you are attending is located in a safe place.

Safe, Effective Addiction Treatment at Woburn Wellness

Drug rehab centers don’t have to be located on the beach or in the mountains to offer the perfect location for recovery. Accredited addiction treatment centers like Woburn Wellness are located close enough to the city to offer you a plethora of resources for recovery but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Woburn Wellness also embraces a holistically-tailored approach that supports the healing of the mind, body, and spirit in a safe, nurturing environment.

If you or a loved one are ready to begin your recovery, please contact us today. Our trusted admissions counselors are available now to help you get started.

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