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How Effective is Outpatient Rehab?

More than 21 million Americans struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.[1] If you or a loved one are trying to overcome an addiction, you may consider going to inpatient or outpatient rehab to receive care. While you may be tempted to go to outpatient rehab because it is…

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10 Signs You Need Heroin Rehab

Heroin is a highly addictive opiate drug. Heroin users usually inject, snort, or smoke the drug, which gives the feeling of intense euphoria.[1] The temporary high that heroin gives people comes at a high price. Ongoing heroin use can quickly lead to dependence, and withdrawal from heroin is excruciating. Withdrawal…

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How Do I Find Addiction Counseling in the Boston Area?

Making the decision to get sober is a major achievement. You should be proud of yourself for acknowledging that you have a problem and accepting the fact that you need to ask for help. However, asking for help is only the beginning–there is still a lot of work to be…

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What is Gray Area Drinking and Do I Need Treatment For It?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, rates of alcohol abuse have increased throughout the United States. Surveys have revealed that increased drinking can be attributed to increased stress, increased alcohol availability, and boredom, but people struggling with stress reported consuming more drinks on more days of the month than…

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Ready to Make a Change?

We know that overcoming addiction is not easy and requires courage to ask for help. At Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment, our team of professionals has decades of combined experience in helping men, women, and families overcome substance abuse.

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